TEMPLE OF HEKATE: Exploring The Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation & Divination


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by Tara Sanchez

The Temple of Hekate is a vibrant and exciting manual of rituals and practices exploring the mysteries of Hekate, the ancient goddess of witchcraft, magic and sorcery. In this unique work, Tara Sanchez has drawn together practices, concepts and literature from across the ancient world and combined them together with her own personal experience of working with a deity whose power has persisted through the eons. This book leads the reader on an enthralling journey from the theoretical through to practical implementation, with step-by-step instructions for how to effectively incorporate working with Hekate in a manner that is relevant today.

With a deft and practical hand Tara guides the reader through numerous magical ritual practices, meditations and forms of divination, covering a wealth of insights and avenues. No-nonsense advice is provided throughout the book, which is relevant irrespective of the reader’s path and suitable for both novices and experienced practitioners alike. From dream incubation to Hekate in the Tarot to a dice oracle based on the ground-breaking anthology Hekate: Her Sacred Fires, from knot magick to making lamellae to the creation of an astral temple, from psychic development to rituals gestures to the use of the sacred vowels, this dynamic work provides a brightly illuminated and clearly defined pathway into the Temple of Hekate.

In addition to easy to follow ritual practices, the essentials of purification, creation and consecration of robes, tools and incense, ensouling your statue, and possible choices of altar are all covered. Tara includes innovative new techniques enabling the reader to create their own sacred space through inventive use of the winds and meditational energisation.

Tara also shines a revealing light on the magical creatures associated with Hekate, such as daemons and the winds, providing accessible yet comprehensive appendices detailing the symbols and correspondences of Hekate, gods associated with her, and elemental attributions found in Hekate related ancient texts.

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