HOW TO CAST YOUR OWN SPELLS & CHARMS: A Book Of Spellweaving & Practical Magic


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by Sally Morningstar

Spellweaving is an ancient art that threads its way back through the centuries, embracing many cultures and belief systems. Throughout the ancient tales and mysteries, the spirit of enchantment has remained constant, rooted in nature, working with the energy of the universe, and rewarding those who approach it with humility and a generous heart. All the spells in this book have been crafted by Sally Morningstar to maintain the balance between give and take, and to harness powers not for personal gain but for the greater good. The spells are presented as profound pieces of magic that need to be prepared for with cleansing, blessings and consecration. The book covers all you need to know to weave your own spells and is dedicated to the Magical Heart that beats within us all. It contains all you need to enter a world of mystery, fulfillment and affirmation.

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