NATURAL WITCHERY: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick


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by Ellen Dugan

“Natural Witchery” offers dozens of ways to hone your intuition, enchance your magickal powers, and enliven your everyday practice.

Ellen Dugan goes to the heart of what it means to be a natural Witch. Don’’t worry about lineage, degrees, and politically correct titles. Her thoughtful observations and wise words will guide you back to what’’s important: forging your own unique spiritual path. These engaging exercises will help you look within yourself and stretch your psychic talents, discover your elemental strengths, and charge up your personal power.

Dugan’’s personal anecdotes and humor liven up the lessons and keep you grounded throughout the daily joys and challenges of life as a natural Witch.

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A natural Witch has an appreciation of nature and an awareness of the magickal energies present in all things. This kinship with the unseen world is at the heart of Witchcraft. It is also the foundation of all magickal work.

You will enhance your spellcrafting, empower your witchery, and add richness and depth to your everyday life by developing your intuition and psychic skills. Natural Witchery features straightforward how-to’s, first-hand stories, spells, rituals, fun quizzes, and creative exercises to help you live a more magickal life:

Learn how to tune in to many different kinds of energy, such as the cycles of the moon and the energy of the seasons, and use it to fuel your spellwork
Explore different types of psychic abilities, and discover your own elemental strengths and challenges
Use natural witchery to create more harmony and balance in your home, workplace, and circle

This friendly guidebook also includes a Book of Witchery with magickal correspondences and a handy journal section for keeping track of your progress.

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