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Zeolite mineral.

Inner Peace. Meditation, peaceful sleep and dreaming.

Interdimensional communication.

Third Eye and Crown chakra.

Synergy 12 stone.

From Wikipedia: 

Scolecite is a tectosilicate mineral belonging to the zeolite group; it is a hydrated calcium silicate, CaAl2Si3O10·3H2O. It was described in 1813, and named from the Greek word, σκώληξ (sko-lecks) = “worm” because of its reaction to the blowpipe flame.

Scolecite is a common zeolite. It is a mineral of secondary origin, and occurs with other zeolites in the amygdaloidal cavities (cavities filled with secondary minerals) of weathered basalts, also in gneisses and amphibolites, and in laccoliths and dikes derived from syenitic and gabbroic magmas, and in contact metamorphic zones. It is a hydrothermal mineral derived from low temperature alteration of basalts and related rocks, associated with other zeolites, calcitequartz and prehnite. Associated minerals include quartzapophyllitebabingtoniteheulanditestilbite and other zeolites.

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